Lately I’ve been asked several times on how I was able to get undocked windows in SAI, so I thought I’d share how I did it. It’s super easy!

1. Here you have your default panel layout of Paint tool SAI enabled. 

2. Close the program. Go to wherever folder your Paint Tool SAI is installed. Find a file called ‘misc.ini’, and click to open it in any text editor of your choice. Notepad should suffice.

3. Scroll down to locate “Popup panels” underneath Panel settings. Search for “PopupPanels = 0” 

4. In order to change the embedded panels to pop-up windows, simply change the “0” to “1”. Then [Ctrl + S] or [File > Save] to save the settings. 

5. Re-open SAI, and now you have undocked pop-up windows! YAY.

6. You can move them all around and resize them to your heart’s content. AWESOME. 


omgggggggggggg look guys!!!!

holy crap

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2nd commission for rynakonanashi! He wanted Merlwyb cosplaying Sally Whitemane from WoW

I actually had a lot of trouble with getting a face down on the canvas that remotely looked like merlwyb, and deciding on a pose…guh lol I kept redrawing it over and over LOL

Anyways, still taking $5 FFXIV and RO colored sketch commissions ( $8 colored anything else, $5 plain sketches ) so if your interested heres my post for info -  http://terrterr.tumblr.com/post/94493722123 !!

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1/2 of the colored cheapy sketch commissions I’m doing for rynakonanashi~

If anyone else wants one my commission info page is here!!♥

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Thank you amaipetisu for being awesome and being the first to commission me for one of these! ♥

btw if anyone missed my post abit ago, im doing sketch commissions for cheap ( 5~8USD depending on the subject. ). If you want one please read my post here

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Okay, I meant to do this before my vacation… but I didn’t have a chance. And now I do! I’ve never done a giveaway before and I wanted to try doing one when I got 50 followers.

Winner gets a little doodle of one (1) of their FF14 characters in a similar cutesy style as Luminous in the thank you picture. And yes, if you play a buff or stoic, tall, brooding/whatever character— I will definitely draw them as cuddly and cute as a Moogle too. :P

There aren’t a lot of rules for this!

  • One Like and Reblog per account.
  • Alternate accounts DO NOT count.
  • You don’t have to be following my blog.
  • You must have an FF14 character. Doesn’t have to be active… but I need a screenshot reference to draw them.

I’ll let this giveaway go on until July 26th and I’ll use RNG to choose a winner. Thanks all!

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